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Tell your story.
Create moments.
Build engagement.

Breathtakingly simple, extraordinarily effective

Stories connect us. Engagement comes from connection. Relationships grow from engagement. Shared stories strengthen relationships.

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We love it when a plan comes together!

Let's start with a plan

What do you want to do?

What do you do when something goes wrong?

Do you really need a website?

Whether you’re just starting out or need to build a stronger brand in your local or the global market, we’ll work with your team to create a communications plan based on your target audience, your objectives and key performance indicators. We’ll amp up your visibility through a social media engagement plan that’s heavy on organic content, with just the right dash of social advertising. We’re all about helping you meet your users right where they are.

Let's tell your story

“Once upon a time…” or “In a galaxy far, far away…”?

Do you know whom you are speaking to?

Who speaks for you?

How can we tell the world what makes you extraordinary? Whether we write articles and blogs, post photos or videos (maybe even a podcast?), what’s front and centre is your story. We’ll create marketing and PR campaigns around what makes you unique, to activate the right audience. We’ll even build you your website – with UX and UI playing a central role, of course.

What drives us

We’re not your usual agency.

We are thinkers, storytellers, dreamers and designers who want to minimise the noise around the creative process.

We believe that user needs drive content and design; that users connect with authenticity; that distilling the truth behind a brand’s story is the start of creating a sustainable strategy for continuous growth.

We’ve been around the block enough times to know what works but we haven’t lost the courage to challenge ourselves to find new ways to make things better.

We’re invested in our partners’ long-term success and this passion shows through in our work.

We work with brands big and small, with companies and non-profits, across industries and the lessons that we’ve learned add richness to every new project.

We truly, really, actually want to make a difference.

We’re Not A Droid: we’re people just like you.

Get the basics right

Create for people, not algorithms

Keep it human

Make it interesting

Embrace the unexpected

Sometimes, good enough is good enough (improve when it’s not)

Build from experience

Find the hidden dots

Make time for play

Do unto others ...

Encourage curiosity


*Ask us anything

Does the User First principle actually make sense?

Yes, Remember the websites you’ve bookmarked? The ones you really visit again and again? How do you think they got your attention? By providing what you were looking for, whether it be a hassle-free checkout or a webpage that just works. Now, imagine that you were the one providing a service. Wouldn’t you want your users to come back again and again because you’re providing exactly what they need? User First makes sense 😉

We want to get as many people as possible to use our products and services. Do we still need to have a target audience?

Yes. “Everything, everywhere, all at once” worked for the movie, but it’s not going to work as marketing brief. Try to please everyone, and you’ll end up pleasing no one. Identify your users, both in terms of who you want AND don’t want to market to and you’ll end up providing a richer experience for them, and a better bottomline for you.

What's the story behind the name, Not a Droid?

Full disclosure: We’re not really Star Wars fans, although the inspiration for the name did come from *that* scene. We’ve been around the marketing and comms block enough times to know what works and what doesn’t work. Yet we still encounter countless brands (and agencies that sell to them) that focus on algorithm and tech much more than they focus on what really matters – the people who use and need their products and services. We’re Not A Droid because marketing is, at its core, about connecting with people. And that’s something no machine can do (for now).

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